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Infection & Immunity


Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands, offer an international Research Master program 'Infection & Immunity', since August 2009. This full-time two-year program (120 ECTS) aims to train students in cutting-edge translational research at the crossroads of infection and immunity by top-quality research groups at Erasmus MC.

Main aim of the Research Master program is to train excellent students to become esteemed researchers capable of 'translating' basic science into clinical medicine and vice versa. The Research Master program will combine intensive training in fundamental and advanced immunology and microbiology with extensive training in clinical and population-based research.

After two years, the Research Master program 'Infection & Immunity' will result in a Master Thesis, to be presented at the yearly Research Master 'Infection & Immunity' symposium.

Why 'Infection & Immunity'

Top Biomedical Program

Get the latest and most in-depth knowledge of the workings of Infectious & Immune diseases. Translate between basic science and clinical medicine, and go on to a top research career.

Learn how to do first-rate research that is based on close interactions between scientists and clinicians. Work intensively in basic and advanced microbiology, virology, immunology and gastroentero-hepatology, and extensively on clinical and population-based research. Learn the art of effective collaboration within and between research groups.

Erasmus University and Erasmus MC are highly regarded in Holland and internationally, and this programme is on the cutting edge of the field. Delve into a range of topics in immunology, virology and microbiology, clinical pharmacology, the epidemiology of infectious diseases, animal models, and bio-safety. Present your thesis at a symposium, and pursue career options in academia, with research institutions or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Best Biomedical Master

The Researchmaster in Infection & Immunity has been rated the best Master’s program in the Netherlands in the field of Biomedical Sciences at universities by the Dutch Keuzegids Masters (guide to Master’s programs). Next to this the Researchmaster in Infection & Immunity is now also rated as a TOP Educational Program.


In 2014, 2016 and again just recently in 2018 Researchmaster in Infection & Immunity clearly tops the charts of the Biomedical Sciences Master programs in The Netherlands.

Good news

Jan Nouwen is the programme director of the Infection & Immunity Research Master’s program. “This is very good news for us, but also for Erasmus MC as a whole as we now have the two best biomedical master’s programs in the Netherlands”. “This says a great deal about the quality of biomedical research and education at Erasmus MC.”


The Keuzegids is an independent guide that critically assesses and compares the quality of Dutch degree programs. It bases its ratings on evaluations by students and educational experts. A total of more than 700 Master’s programs were evaluated for the 2014, 2016 and 2018 editions of the guide.

“This approach is THE BEST I’ve seen in 40 years of graduate education.”




It is our mission to select and train excellent students at an early stage of their careers to perform top research in the field of Infection & Immune Diseases covering the complete field of host-microbe interplay and autoimmunity, challenge them to become translational investigators, foster them and commit them to the academic world.


Recent developments in (bio)medical technologies provide novel tools to gain in-depth knowledge of the fundamental mechanisms of infectious and immune diseases. The goal of the Research Master ‘Infection & Immunity’ programme is to train excellent and motivated students integrating basic and clinical biomedical sciences in the field of Infection & Immune Diseases. Research themes will mainly focus on host-microbe interplay with an international outlook and build on the excellent track record of the research groups concerned.

Translational research is the hallmark of Erasmus MC. Its quality relies on strong communication between clinicians and basic scientists. With this research master programme Erasmus MC will invest in a new generation of translational scientists that will strengthen and improve future research.


Communicable Excellence in Translational Infectious & Immune Disease Research.

“THEM and US no longer: scientists and medical doctors view research through different lenses – but the gulf in outlook between the two tribes isn’t what it used to be.”

(Meredith Wadman. Nature 2006;439:779-780)

“We are now experiencing an unprecedented blossoming in available technologies, unparalleled through history, which makes biomedical science extraordinarily exciting. An increasing focus on the need for effective translation from the use of these resources highlights the many obstacles that impede progress.”

“It is not the priority of scientists to engage with clinicans: the imperative is equally strong that clinicans should engage more with basic scientists”

(Sabroe et al. Nature Reviews Immunology 2001;7:77-82)

Natural Science

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