In Short

What do we Offer?

♦ intensive training in fundamental and advanced immunology, microbiology, virology, gastroenterology, hepatology and more

♦ extensive training in laboratory, clinical and population-based research

♦ training in cutting-edge research techniques

♦ a challenge to become a translational investigator in the field of infection and immune diseases

Target Audience

The Erasmus University Rotterdam Researchmaster Infection & Immunity is ideal for students who want to build a career in the field of emerging infectious diseases, virus discovery, vaccine development, host-microbe interaction, primary and secondary immunodeficiencies and autoimmunity.

This programme targets top students with a Bachelor degree in Medicine, Biology (including) Nanobiology, Biomedical Sciences, Life Sciences & Technology, Biopharmaceutical Sciences or related studies who want to become part of a new generation of researchers.

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Career Opportunities

Graduates can expect to become translation scientists capable of contributing to the further development of research in infection and immune diseases in a university medical centre, research institute or in the pharmaceutical industry.

More than 90% of our graduates continue their research career as a PhD student! How successful can you be?

Admission Criteria

An assessment will be part of the application procedure of the Researchmaster Infection & Immunity. First of all, you should send us all required documents before the stated deadline. These documents should contain your academic background and relevant test-scores, such as GMAT and/or TOEFL/IELTS, a letter of motivation and letters of reference.

The first round of selection will be based on the documents sent to us. Thereafter, potential eligible students will be selected for an interview (live at Erasmus MC in case of Dutch students, or via Skype for foreign students). Definitive selection of students will take place after all interviews have taken place, so mid May. You will be notified ASAP on our decision.

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How to Apply?

When you register, we will ask for your academic credentials: grade list, certificates, and/or a letter of motivation. The Core Teacher Committee (including the Scientific and Program Directors) will decide on your admission.

For additional information please contact us (see under 'Contact').

See under 'Enrolment' for further information!

News & Updates

Please check this website regularly for news & updates of our Researchmaster Infection & Immunity programme, application deadlines, scholarships, interesting lectures, workshops, conferences & symposia and much more.

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Factsheet Research Master Infection & Immunity

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